Tattoo Ideas

Deciding Upon a Design
If you have your mind set on a tattoo and you're of legal age in your area of residence, you maybe looking for inspiration and ideas of which tattoo is right for you. It's fair to say, that most people when they decide they would like to have some body art, have an indication in their mind of what type of tattoo they would like.

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Why Following the trend is not always a good idea
Like most areas of fashion, popular tattoo designs follow a trend. What may be hot one year, maybe considered distinctly un-cool the next. A certain design or a particular tattoo theme can become popular overnight if a piece of body art has been favoured by a celebrity.

Remember - A Tattoo is for Life
You may recall a popular song from a few years back; it started with the great line "If I could give you one piece of advice.." It then went on to describe the virtues of applying sun cream.

My Personal Reason for Getting a Tattoo
Everyone has their own reasons for wanting a tattoo; after all we're all unique. Some of us are inspired by others, some like the idea of enhancing their body, while others simply wanted to have a visual representation of something that is important to them.

Popular Tattoo Designs
If you're considering a tattoo, you will most likely fall into one of two camps. One is those that know exactly what they are after and already know what design they would like, whilst the other camp simply have no idea where to start. Fortunately, we're at hand to help those meandering tattoo fans, we've provided a list of the more popular tattoo designs below, hopefully you will be able to find some inspiration from these words.

Original Tattoo Designs are Better than Off The Peg
Just like a tailored suit is much more desirable than an off the peg suit, an original design tattoo will be much more pleasing than simply selecting one from a brochure or portfolio.


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