Tattoo Designs and Care Guide


Everything you need to know about selecting, getting and caring for a tattoo, with tons of colourful Illustrations of superb tattoo designs.

Content Topics Include:

  • Does it hurt?
  • Should I get a tattoo in the first place?
  • Why do I want one?
  • Religious (Christian) arguments
  • A temporary alternative?
  • The decision process - making the big plunge: where can I find a good artist, and what should I look for in tattoo artist?
  • What images do you think of when you think of a tattoo?
  • What kind of colors can I get?
  • How to look around in the shop?
  • Asking to see their portfolio
  • What to look for in their portfolio?
  • What kind of questions to ask?
  • What sorts of things to look for in shop
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T: What to ask from artists?
  • Re tattoo shops insured?
  • How much does it cost to get a tattoo?
  • How should I act when I get in that chair?
  • Where on my body should i get a tattoo? Sanitation
  • Can I get infectious diseases from tattoo needles?
  • What to look for in a sanitary shop environment.
  • Can I get AIDS from tattooing?
  • Can my tattoos get infected?
  • How to look for sterilization
  • Are there any medical conditions that will preclude me from getting a tattoo?
  • What is the Alliance of Professional Tattooists?
  • Should I get a vaccination shot against hepatitis? Care of New Tattoos
  • General Advice From A Medical Doctor
  • Common Misconceptions With No Basis In Reality
  • What Are Some Bad Things For My New Tattoo?
  • It Is True That Sun tanning To A Considerable Extent Not Only Damages Your Skin But Fades The Tattoos?
  • How Do I Care For My New Tattoo?
  • Minimal Moisturizer Method
  • Pat-With-Listerine Method
  • The Wait-24-Hours-To-Take-Off-Dressing Method
  • The Coconut-Oil-Itch-Relief Method
  • The Noxzema Method

Stuck for a tattoo design? This e-book contains hundreds of impressive black & white and colour tattoo designs, ready for you to print out and take to your favourite artist. These include:

  • Alien Tattoos
  • Angel Tattoos
  • Animal Tattoos
  • Asian Tattoos
  • Butterfly Tattoos
  • Cartoon Tattoos
  • Celtic Tattoos
  • Clown Tattoos
  • Cross Tattoos
  • Demon Tattoos
  • Devil Tattoos
  • Dragon Tattoos
  • Fairy Tattoos
  • Flower Tattoos
  • Monster Tattoos
  • Native American Tattoos
  • Pinup Tattoos
  • Religious Tattoos
  • Skeleton Tattoos
  • Sun and Star Tattoos
  • Symbol Tattoos

Bonus 1 - Tribal Tattoos

Over 150 Tribal Tattoos, Tribal Rings & Tribal Dragons

  • Stylized Living Beings Tattoos
  • Ornamental and Decorative Tattoos
  • Rings
  • Tribal Dragons

Bonus 2 - Japanese Characters

  • Over 90 of the most popular Kenji Symbols with meanings

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