The Meaning of Tattoo Art and Design

In recent years, the tattoo is enjoying something of a renaissance. A short time ago, the only people with tattoos were sailors, soldiers and scruffy groups who listen to certain music styles. Nowadays, you're just as likely to find your mum browsing the latest tattoo design magazines as you are the latest punk rock star.

The reason for this has a lot to do with the improvements in tattoo technology; this has enabled real artists to make real their designs, where as before it was quite difficult to transfer what was in ones mind, to ones body. Now it is most common for the very best tattooists to have formal fine art or technical art qualifications.

Gone too are the preconceptions about tattoos, in the past we may have been swayed by the way Hollywood portrayed film baddies, often they would have tattoos to add to their menacing veneer. This has now gone full circle as many of the newest celebrities; especially those younger ones proudly show off their latest tattoo designs.

Two celebrities that have embraced tattoos and body art are Robbie Williams and David Beckham. Williams prefers to select tattoos based on their artistic merit, while Beckham's are a public statement of love for his family.

Whatever your views are about tattoos or body art, there can be no disputing their contribution to modern art. At the very top end of the tattoo profession, a handful of skilled and experienced tattooists compete for the major tattoo body art awards. Confirmation if it was needed, that tattoos and body art are now part of the mainstream.

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